Glass block the new trend 2014

How and where to apply the glass block ?

Not so very long ago, the glass block from a curiosity . There has been widespread application area and was limited mainly hall was used as walls and vestibules, glass bricks, tiles.

Glass bricks , tiles divider

üvegtégla, csempe

Glass blocks, style and comfort

Today, the glass block has been much buzz and countless ways of application . All home renovations and new construction of houses or flats designers prefer to use decorators . Maybe you can be the only concern of a lesser degree of thermal and sound insulation properties than traditional bricks . Well, this is not so. Thermal insulation and sound absorption ability rivals that of the brick – Heat index of 30 minutes . Of course it is good to know – but this is certainly due to the master information , we have provided a competent master chosen – the glass brick wall can not support wall or bearing wall . Partitions in contrast, is well suited or even walking surface . (The latter is suitable for static conditions into account. )

1. Daylight without window – the glass brick the solution

There are many places you , hallways , galleries , hall , bathrooms were built without natural


Glass – the gem of tiny bathrooms

light to the window . In many cases, the lighting is more expensive installation of equipment and sometimes impractical. In this case, the glass brick obvious solution . Not to mention the fact that there is a little known , but rather ” our skin perceived” advantage: the broken glass block natural light into the interior places and thus can achieve special effects.

2. Advanced Solutions – glass block selection

Any salon or bathroom or even the OBI and Praktiker shelves you can find individual solutions, fitting glass brick ízlésvilágunkhoz own miracles. They are no longer a problem , no matter how to find wild colors. A rainbow can find a complete range between the glass brick hues – with some exaggeration , of course . In fact, many colors to choose from and that’s not all . You can choose a variety of thick bricks with different light transmittance , making special effects can be achieved in the course of their employment. In addition válazthatunk more specific pattern of glass blocks .

3. Glass Block Prices – installation and base material itself approximate price estimate

It used to be significant , outstanding expenses reported the use of glass brick architectural solution , but today this is no longer the case. Become available, this solution is currently 500 USD / pcs available in uncoloured piece – and even some tinted glass brick as well. And we wonder how the mounting and installation costs? So do not be discouraged from 30 thousand forints been found competent professionals who can implement ideas properly. Of course, more daring designs, wave- cost solutions felszökhetnek up to 70 thousand forints .

4. Glass blocks – the tiny bathroom gem

Many apartment has been designed for the bathroom without windows , in many places – custom homes – will be built later . In this case, the glass block offers a plausible solution. Saves us from the prying eyes of neighbors , however , allow the sun ‘s rays, thus ensuring adequate light into the small space , almost throughout the day .
Glass Block – a little gem of bathrooms
5. The installation of glass block

No devilry – say, a qualified and experienced professionals and you’re right in that. Non- inclusion of devilment glass bricks, but much more attention and care while traditional burkolásnál and lining-up . There are already manufactured specifically for the treatment and installation of glass block mortar and grout, as well as wood and plastic structures that facilitate the incorporation of bricks or walls of tub around .

6. Glass Brick furniture items

What used to be unthinkable nowadays designers familiar tool : the use of glass brick in the living room or kitchen and bathroom furniture design of the elements .
This could be one element of a kitchen , the kitchen island can afford the base of the construction of the üvegtéglára . You can use the bathroom cabinet sidewall construction or even the dining corner shelf system. Ideas for your IKEA furniture stores or catalogs or any other interior siteról . The ideas are inexhaustible storehouse , a versatile options for glass block .
But not only wardrobe but also palm Wardrobe Slip- glass brick elements . This includes not only hide the unnecessary or are not being used coats , shoes , but the vacuum cleaner , household equipment and other lomokat well.






7.  Outdoor items

Glass brick built garage wall line can save on lighting costs. In many places, not even a cottage in cottage garden walls or the possible introduction of electricity. In this case, the glass-brick solution helps.

8. Glass Block – divider panel and partition wall

Offices, factories excellent method of glass brick partition in the meeting room. It can be seen that the meeting included, without the troublesome become curious glances.

Undoubtedly spread to new areas of application are hereinafter which form part of the smart homes of the glass brick elements.